Real Estate Videos

Real estate videos have become increasingly popular with sites such as Air B and B and RightMove. Our customers have had a huge success with these sites showcasing their property in this visual medium. Our show-reels for property are very specific and can have a huge impact on the targeted audience.


Our team captures the key features and amenities giving the viewers a real feel for the space.

We edit using licensed music so your film can be uploaded to YouTube or other social platforms. We include shots of the neighborhood, stores and restaurants this adds to the incentive to living or holidaying in that area.


Les 2 Alpes Films creates videos no longer than eight minutes (any longer is a waste of time and money.)


We use equipment such as drones (for impressive aerial shots) stabilizers and wide angle lenses.


Depending on the customers preferences we capture all areas of the inside location to clearly demonstrate what the accommodation has to offer. Our intentions are to deliver the content in the most flattering way possible.

For booking press “Book now” this will take you to our contact us page. please list the dates you would like, location and any other questions.

Price: 300 euros per 5 hour video shoot (includes editing).

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